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Keynote speakers

Dr. Siniša Radović


Doctor Siniša Radović is a senior research associate and the Director of the Institute for Quaternary Palaeontology and Geology of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He obtained his PhD in 2011 and has since been a part of 7 national and 2 international research projects. He (co)authored more than 30 scientific papers and participated at more than 40 scientific conferences. His research interests include archaeozoology, vertebrate taphonomy, hunter-gatherer subsistence strategies, herd management in prehistory, animals in burial contexts and stable isotope analysis.


Dr. Borut Toškan


Doctor Borut Toškan is a senior research associate at the Institute of Archaeology of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. A biologist and geologist by profession, he dedicated his research to archaeozoological analyses of faunal assemblages from numerous sites across Slovenia, dating from Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages. He authored or co-authored more than 200 papers, chapters and other scientific works in his field.




Prof. Tajana Trbojević Vukičević


Professor Tajana Trbojević Vukičević works at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Faculty of the Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb. She is the head of the Archaeozoological laboratory and leader of multiple courses. Her scientific work mainly focuses on archaeozoological and taphonomic analysis from Croatian prehistoric and medieval archaeological sites. Together with a group of authors, she published scientific articles in the prestigious journal Cell and recently in Science (Taylor et al. (2023) Early dispersal of domestic horses into the Great Plains and northern Rockies).




Dr. Vlatka Čubrić Čurik

Doctor Vlatka Čubrić Čurik is a professor at the Department of Animal Science of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. As the director of the Laboratory for Archaeogenetics, she studies the populations of domestic animals and their wild relatives, with a particular interest in prion protein gene of the different species of animals. As such, she has been a long-time collaborator on a number
of archaeological projects in Croatia and abroad. The project “MendTheGap”, on which she worked with different experts in biology, geoarchaeology, anthropology and archeology, was the top ranked project in the European Union for the program “H2020-TWINN-2015”.

Dr. László Bartosiewicz


Doctor László Bartosiewicz is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Stockholm and has worked as an archaeozoologist since 1979. In his papers he often studies the relationship between domestic animals and humans in different time periods and regions, including several countries in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. Recently, his main focus has been animal paleopathology. Until today, he has published more than 250 paper as a sole author, more than 70 as a senior author and has been a co-author on more than 80 papers.